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The Nazi Redoubt


From the 80th Division G-2 reports:


"The absolute and complete disintegration of German resistance during the last days of the war in Europe was never more apparent than in the 80th Division's drive through Austria, from Braunau to Liezen.  With the end in sight, thousands of German soldiers threw down their arms with the realization of the hopelessness of further resistance.  During the Spring campaigns, the idol of Nazis had been beaten to dust on all fronts, and with each succeeding Allied victory, greater doubt was cast in warped minds for Nazi victory.


On 6 May, 1945, the garrison of the town of Kirchdorf surrendered (strength 350).  On the evening of the same day, representatives of the 80th Division met with August Eigruber, Gauleiter of Oberdonau, who desired to surrender his Gau to U.S. forces and be allowed to move east to fight the Russians.  This proposition was denied.  The morning of 7 May, General Major (U.S. Brig. Gen.) Soeth surrendered his Corps of 20,000 troops, formed two days previously in the National Redoubt area.  On 8 May, 1945, General der Panzer Truppen Balck, Commanding General, 6th German Army and former Commander of German Army Group 'G', surrendered his command, 102,000 strong, to the 80th Division.



With our bridgehead established south of the Isar River in the vicinity of Mamming, our troops advanced to the South against moderate resistance from small arms, automatic weapons and mortar fire.  After the initial assault in our expanding bridgehead, enemy resistance decreased sharply as our troops advanced and crossed the Gross Vils River. All vehicular bridges over the river between Frontenhausen and Altersburg were blown. In the vicinity of Walding, our infantry met stubborn resistance from an estimated 150 enemy infantry, fighting from dug-in defensive positions.  Reconnaissance elements encountered small groups of enemy infiltrating back into Neuotting, armed with machine guns and mortars.  A fire fight ensued with no loss of ground and heavy casualties inflicted upon the enemy.  Enemy air was active during this period, but no casualties were reported as a result of this air action.


4 May, 1945, the 80th Infantry Division attacked to the East from positions south and east of the Inn River vicinity Braunau and advanced rapidly against negligible resistance until late in the afternoon when forward elements encountered enemy strong points in the vicinity of Schwanenstadt and Vocklanbruck.  On 5 May the enemy attempted to resist our advance with small arms and bazookas at three widely separated points in the vicinity of Redham, Salholz, and Grube.  Outside of these three points, no enemy resistance was reported in the Division zone of advance.



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