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Using thousands of declassified official U.S. Government documents, private journals, letters and many interviews with “The Troubleshooters” themselves, Terry D. Janes discovered the truth about these valiant men who earned with blood, the nickname of “Patton’s Troubleshooters”.  Feared, hated and branded as criminals by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Government, these heroic American soldiers were a vital key to the Allied victory of World War II in Europe.  Formed as an independent tank battalion, designated 702nd Tank Battalion, it’s members quickly gained the name “Red Devils” for their exploits in the famed “Tennessee Maneuvers”.  This unit was later combined with the 80th Infantry Division “Blue Ridgers”.  This armor/infantry combination was to get the dirtiest combat missions, in order to consolidate the gains of General George S. Patton’s history making drive across the continent of Europe.


From closing the Argentan-Falaise Gap, to Chalons sur Marne, to the “Bloody Moselle River”, to the “Battle Of The Bulge”, through Hitler’s much vaunted Siegfried Line, across Germany to Chemnitz, then south to the Nazi Redoubt in Austria, liberating two Nazi Concentration Camps, capturing countless Nazi criminals and discovering Hitler’s stolen treasure pilfered from the nations he’d plundered, and finally firing the last official shot in combat, of the war in Europe. 


By a tragic twist of fate, the history of “The Troubleshooters” went unwritten for forty-three years.  Now, the untold story of “Patton’s Troubleshooters” is available to the general public!  This is history as seen through the eyes of the men who lived it.  This book changed history as we knew it.  This book came about because it’s author began a search for one man, and discovered that this unit’s heroics and sacrifice had been tragically forgotten by history.  Those who served never forgot!  And neither should we!


Please Note: The Patton's Troubleshooters CD-ROM has been updated to include most of this website's World War One and World War Two material, effectively doubling the material on the CD!  The CD-ROM now has over 1,700 pages and 2,300 photographs!  The Patton's Troubleshooters book can be printed or read from the CD, and best of all, it's only $1.00 + S&H!  They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, public libraries or school classrooms!  Buy one, or buy many and give copies to those who need to learn about WW1 & WW2!  Get yours today!


Veterans Talk About "Patton's Troubleshooters"


Introduction To “Patton’s Troubleshooters”


How It Began tells how this project began for me.


Frank Lee “Pappy” Ream, Jr. gives you a little background on my uncle, the original object of my research. 


Training For War describes the training period for the 702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils”.


M-4 Sherman Tank Crew Equipment describes what gear a tank carried.


Merry Old England is the story of the 702nd Tank Battalion’s sojourn in Great Britain.


Baptism Of War-Argentan tells about the tragedy and success in the Battle Of Argentan and the lessons learned.


Bloody Moselle tells the story of how the Moselle River ran red with blood and Patton’s Troubleshooters were nearly annihilated, except for the bravery and determination of the common soldier.  This section also describes the death of my Uncle, Staff Sergeant Frank “Pappy” Ream, who was the original object of my research.


Battle In The Mud describes the combat during the month of October 1944 when Patton’s Troubleshooters were consolidating the Moselle Bridgehead and pushing the German Army back across the Seille River through the mud of France.


Advance To The Saar tells the story of the battles of November, 1944 as Patton’s Troubleshooters pushed the German Army back towards Germany.


Battle Of The Bulge tells the story of “Patton’s Troubleshooters” history making fight against Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive.


Clearing The Ardennes describes how "Patton's Troubleshooters" cleared the Ardennes of the last of Germany's military after the Battle of the Bulge.


Penetrating Hitler's Siegfried Line tells how "Patton's Troubleshooters" defeated Hitler's West Wall and entered Germany proper.


Drive Into Germany describes the rush to and past the Rhine River.


The Heart Of Germany describes “Patton’s Troubleshooters drive across the heart of Germany, and the discovery of the Buchenwald Nazi Concentration Camp.


The Nazi Redoubt tells of how the war ended, the surrender of the 6th German Army and some of the notorious Nazi war criminals apprehended by Patton’s Troubleshooters


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